VH1 Storytellers: John Mayer

"...Fairfield, CT not really the most conducive place for being a songwriter, artist, guitar player, you know? not much comes from why not? who says I can't? Fame didn't really satisfied that, success didn't really satisfied that. In some ways it just sends me back further in feeling misunderstood, you know?"

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Freshman year of college I had to sleep across from my roommate's poster of him. I still remember being creeped out by that poster of he's dull eyes staring at me in the dark. He's music later grew on me as my "hood" ignorance dissolved. 

February 9th "Soldier of Love"


Let me introduce you to some of the best from CT...(AV)

ArePure featuring Aja Edwards (Produced by Xavier Aviles)
ArePure Featuring Aja Edwards (Produced by RecBoys Prestige)

Shout out to Absolute Value team & the Rec Room studio



Slum Village pt 5

Clipse "Freedom"

Download for Haiti



between a roc and a hard place

Wale at Toad's Place, New Haven CT

Audience gave him sneakers and breasts to sign during the show.
You have to respect him for loving he's fans enough to sign bootleg, dirty sneakers...
They also gave him a Yale hoodie, CT chillin' all we got here is UCONN &Yale.
I was upset he skipped Cole's part on "Beautiful Bliss"
The show was pretty good. I like Wale, the artist and person.